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BetDuel is a Free To Play game where players’ predictions convert betting odds into points. Points scoring is tracked on live leaderboards, with guaranteed and jackpot cash prizes for winners. Invite friends to play and compete with other sports fans. Earn points boosts for you and your friends who join. 


Easy sign up to place your bets on our licensed Sportsbook. All your favourite sports are here, with Live Betting and Pre-start markets available. Special bonuses up for grabs and regular promotions. 


Play Demo Games for free or sign up easily to play for real money on our licensed Casino. There is a huge selection of Table Games and Slots to keep you entertained. Free Spins and other rewards are available. 

Pay to play

The Real Money version of our flagship Free To Play game. Players have their own money on the line with a variety of contest entry stakes, betting markets, contest sizes and prizes to choose from. A commission or ‘rake’ is taken from each real-money contest, with the remainder paid out to winners.

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